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    Thrift Store — Store News

    Online soft opening - Inkind Thrift

    Online soft opening - Inkind Thrift
    What will you find during our soft opening? You will find a boutique selection of hand picked clothing and home decor items up for sale. May of these items are designer, unique, or like new interesting items. Initially our selection will be small, but it will grow as we add items weekly, then daily.

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    A sustainable enterprise

    A sustainable enterprise

    When you think of thrift and secondhand stores do you think of sustainability? If not when you think of Inkind Thrift we hope you will! We understand that in today’s world it is nearly impossible to achieve 100% waste reduction in the thrift store business, but our objective is to measure and work towards 0% landfill contribution.

    From textiles, to furniture and electronics there are outlets that recycle these materials and our goal is to make sure everything that passes through our operations either gets resold, reused or recycled. When you shop with Inkind Thrift you will be shopping at an environmentally responsible organization. We believe in reuse and we believe in community.

    We understand that our customers and donors are also our neighbors and that there is more to business than just the bottom line. We work to ensure our employees are paid living wages and have access to benefits and retirement accounts. We partner with local charities and not-for-profit charitable groups to help them raise funds for their social programs and to support their “boots on the ground” local efforts. We understand that it's our community that is important to our success and that to do our part we must contribute by becoming involved.

    As a sustainable enterprise Inkind Thrift is purpose built to support the communities we operate in. We hire locally, provide value for our customers, reduce landfill usage, encourage reuse, and support our local charities and charitable groups through donation drives. We have ambitious goals and together we will do more. Thank you for letting us be part of your community.