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    It’s Charitable Secondhand Donation Drive Time

    Looking to Fundraise? We want to help!

    We know that it’s the small non-profits that make a difference in the world and we want to help. If you are a non-profit organization or charitable group and need a simple and easy way to fundraise, let’s partner up and start a charitable secondhand donation drive.

    How it works

    Your charitable group or non-profit organization works with Inkind Thrift to arrange a charitable secondhand donation drive. We build your group a donation drive package, your group solicits the donors, and receives the donations. Inkind Thrift then purchases those donations from your group in bulk and resells them. Your group makes money on the initial bulk sale and again on a successful resale!

    A charitable secondhand goods donation drive typically takes 12 weeks and done is 6 simple steps.

    Step 1: Inkind Thrift works with you to set a start and end date for of the drive (typically 3-week duration). The end date is when the materials are due to be dropped off.

    Step 2: Inkind Thrift provides your group or organization with a customized drive solicitation letter along with our acceptable donation policy that your group gives to committed donors.

    Step 3: One week prior to the end of the drive your group contacts the donors to remind them of the due date and time.

    Step 4: The donors can either drop off their donated goods at an Inkind Thrift location along with their donation drive letter, or you can opt to have them drop their materials at specific location and time for pickup.

    Step 5: Inkind Thrift receives, weighs, sorts, and resales the materials. It takes up to 4 weeks to process the materials, and select items are given another 8 weeks to sell in our store or online, for a total of 12 weeks.

    Step 6: Your non-profit organization or charitable group gets paid at 4 weeks for the initial bulk weight, and again at the end of the 12th week for the resale commission.

    How much can you earn?

    This depends on the quality of the materials donated. Inkind Thrift pays your non-profit organization or charitable group based on the bulk weight of the good donated AND on a percentage of revenue from goods that are sold.

    How Much do we pay?

    We pay $.20 a pound on clothing/textiles and will also collect small furniture, non-furniture household items, and toys. Select items are then sorted and tagged for resale. Selected items are given 8 weeks to sell in our stores. All items that are sold are tracked carefully and 20% of the sale price is added to the bulk sale price to create your fundraising total.

    As you can see the better-quality items you receive from your donors the better your fundraising efforts will be.

    Why do a charitable secondhand donation drive with Inkind Thrift?

    Because, it’s easy, it allows us to do the sustainable work of re-purposing secondhand items instead of throwing them out. Inkind Thrift does all the heavy lifting and you get a percentage of the proceeds of the sale. That is a pretty great deal. Matter of fact, we think it’s the best one out there! Twenty percent is usually a lot more than a non-profit that runs its own thrift stores makes in net profit, about 11% more according to our research!

    How can you get started?

    Email: or call 951.335.0991, let us know who you are and when you’d like to get started.