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    That Thrifty Vibe

    Doing your part in the secondhand economy pays at Inkind Thrift Store! Join Inkind Rewards and get access to exclusive members only sales, double point events, and shopping discounts.

    Exclusive Sales

    Members only sales

    Reuse Points

    Reuse points

    Double Points Days

    Double points days!


    Earn in store


    Earn online


    Additional discounts

    Collect Reuse Points every time you shop with us. 

    As a member you'll earn Reuse Points on everything you buy as well as when you sign up, and every year on your birthday (if you share your day with us).

    1. Sign Up for Inkind Rewards

    Successfully complete your online Inkind Rewards sign up and receive 30 Reuse Points.

    2. Birthday Reuse Points
    Earn 50 Reuse Points on your Birthday by entering your birthday during your signup. Birthday signups must be completed 30 days prior to birthday to receive points.

    3. Online Shopping Reuse Points.
    You earn 1 Reuse Point for every $1 spent online.

    4. In Store Shopping Reuse Points.
    You earn 1 Reuse Point for every $1 spent in store.


    A Reuse Point is an Inkind Reward. For every 10 Reuse Points earned a $1 discount credit is also earned. Reuse Points are redeemable in increments of 50. Reuse Points maybe redeemed online or in store.